Sesquicentennial Jubilee

Kuthalur Parish was established in May, 1860 by the French Jesuit Missionaries under the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Madurai. In those days, Kuthalur was one of the largest Parishes in  Madurai Archdiocese, and it had boundaries up to Melur in the West, to Devakottai in the East, to Tirumayam in the North & to Nattrasankottai in the South, which extended over a radius of 40 Sq Km with 120 Substations.  It was the Mother Parish to the later Parishes of Devakottai, Ramnagar, Senji(Karaikudi), Sekkalai (Karaikudi), Kallal, Satharasanpatti & Tirupattur in Sivagangai Diocese.

The Parish and the Church have reached the milestone of 150 years of their existence and 2011 is the Sesquicentennial Jubilee Year of the Church. To recall and relive the services of the Parish & the Church, the sons and daughters of the soil have re-united across boundaries and worked together to make it not only a successful event but also a grand reunion of the kuthalur R.C. Community. They realised the event was not only to show their genuine and legitimate pride, but also to help the Parish to revive itself and to be vibrant today.

The contribution of the local community, the generous donation of the sons and daughters of the soil and support of the parishoners have helped to celebrate the 150th year Jubilee as a grand and memorable function along with the renevation of the beautiful Immaculate Conception Church. Under the guidance of our Parish Priest Rev. Dr. Michael D.C.L., the local community in Kuthalur as well as the well-wishers of Kuthalur from Coimbatore & Chennai and other cities took steps to renovate the Church and to protect the beautiful Church for the next generation.

The energetic youth of Kuthalur have taken the responsibility of the celebration. The came together through the cybermedia across global boundaries, planned and executed the celebrations with the background of Kuthalur's history. The three day events from 20th May to 22nd May, were one among the best get-together in the region which brought the Kuthalurians from Chennai to Coimbatore, Trichy to Bangalore, Madurai to Dindigul and even from the countries like Singapore, Malaysia, U.K. and the U.S. 

Three events were filled with Grace of Lord Jesus Christ, Joy and Happiness. Everyone remembered their life in Kuthalur and committed to come back to the village at least once a year.