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The Catholic Community in Kuthalur is one of best examples for 100% literacy rate even from the 1960's, Religious Activities, Social Commitment, Wealth & Prosperity. Until today, this small Christian community has produced 8 priests, 2 of our seeds are in the seminary and over forty nuns in different Congregations. It has also produced numerous Professionals and business peoples.

 A history of the Jesuit Mission written by Fr. Haque S.J. reveals that the Catholicism in Kuthalur could have commenced during the end of the 17th Century. Group of People from Aavoor (Trichy District) would have migrated to Kuthalur along with villages like Sekkakudi, Sarugani, Kallurani, Pasalai & Panayur, Muthupatti alias Thagaravarthy. The people who had migrated from Aavoor could have influenced the local people since they were of the same caste and could have converted them to Catholicism. From then on, the Catholicism started growing in the village. Even today, one can witness that there are close relatives in those above mentioned villages. 

 The present Church constructed in 1860-1870 has provided a strong base for the local Catholic Community to be strong in their faith. The Catholic Community celebrated its festivals and functions in a grand manner until late 1970s. The Catholics in Kuthalur donated generously to the Church from their earnings in Colombo, Malaysia, Singapore and Rangoon. Kuthalur Parish was one among the largest contributors for Mission Sunday Collections next to the Parish of Rayappanpatti, when it was in the Madurai Archdiocese.

 From the mid seventies, the Catholics of the village started migrating to various cities, like, Coimbatore, Chennai, Madurai, Tiruchy and Bangalore due to dry weather conditions and frequent crop failures. Most of the natives of Kuthalur have set up their business in the above cities from their savings that they had earned from Colombo and Rangoon. Due to these migrations, the Catholic community in Kuthalur has shrunk to a minimum of 15 families from its earlier strength of 150. This is making the Church to struggle for its regular functions & celebrations. Unlike other villages, the natives of Kuthalur rarely visit their own soil due to their busy schedules and other various reasons. We hope to bring a change and try to motivate our relatives to visit the village at least once a year.