Immaculate Conception Church, Kuthalur is one of the oldest churches in the state of Tamilnadu. The Church construction started in 1860 and built over the span of 10 years. Today, it has crossed 150 years of service and walking with Glory. The Church was fully donated by an unknown German Lady and the Mother Mary's Statue in the main altar was imported from Europe.

The Church resembles the Gothic Architecture of Europe.  It has a main circular Dome at the center with two more front domes at the entrance of the Church.  This Church was constructed in the shape of a cross in the aerial view, with a long central Wing, with the Sacristy at its rear end behind the Altar and with two shorter Wings on either side. The entire building was built with bricks, lime paste, (Chunnammu Chandhu), Kadukkai (Palmira seed mixed with concrete) together with the mixture of egg white. The information that the glasses in the middle dome were imported from Italy is yet to be confirmed.

The inner walls of the Church had unique paintings of saints, but due to damages in the painting, those walls were painted with modern colours in recent years.

Fr. T. J.  Baliah S. J., renovated the existing flooring in 1950's. He was the one who constructed the small altar in the Catholic cemetery of the village to say mass on All Souls Day. He helped the village people to construct the compound walls of the cemetery.

The Centennial Jubilee was Celebrated in 1970 in a grand scale for a week by the villagers under the guidance of the then Parish Priest Fr. M. Saleth. The Church was fully renovated & re-painted for that occasion.

The present entrance hall (mandapam) was constructed during the period of Fr. Alexis Fernando S. J. and Fr. Arulanandam S.J. through the contibution of son of the soil Fr. Thavamony S.J.  He also renovated the compound walls of the church.

During the period of Fr. Packianathan (right after the management of the parish being handed over to the Diocese of Sivagangai by the Jesuits), the village youth were fully involved in Church activities..

In 1993, Fr. K. Jesuraj, the then Parish Priest again renovated the whole Church. A new Tabernacle has been established & the Calvary Painting behind the altar were done during this renovation.

A decade later in 2004, Fr. Susairaj, the Parish Priest again undertook the repainting of the Church.

Fr. Prabhakaran, who was a Parish Priest in the years 2003-2008, re-initiated the novena for Our Lady of Lourdes and started celebrating Holy Mass in the grotto. He also re-modified the sound system in the church. 

In 2011, Fr. Antony Michael helped the sons and daughters of the soil to re-unite to commemorate the 150th year of their church festival.  Under his guidance, they put their efforts and commitments and pooled their resources to renovate the church. The hard work and the tireless service of the laity of the soil have given a new appearance to the Church.

The Grotto: The groto dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes was constructed by Fr. K.V. Paul in April 1955.

Importance to St. Sebastian: Prior to the present Church, the natives of Kuthalur had a special devotion to St. Sebastian. And so a small chapel (Kurusadi) was dedicated to him in the middle street of the village. The Novena and the Feast of St. Sebastian were celebrated in a grand manner in the third week of January to thank him for being the privileged patron of the Catholic Community in Kuthalur. Even today, the people of the neighborhood call Immaculate Conception Church as the Sebasthiar Kovil. The local Catholic community keeps up the custom of celebrating St. Sebastian's Feast every year with a Car Procession until today.